The Evolution of Nike Shoes

One of the most famous Nike advertising campaigns ever would be for the Air Max in 1987, when the company became the first to secure a song by The Beatles for an ad – in this case, Revolution. Nike has retained its place at the top table of American culture, both in sports and music,

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Nike’s Most Iconic Moments

Nike is the most successful sportswear company in the world, it’s trademark ‘swoosh’ one of the world’s most recognised designs. However, as hard as it might be for us to imagine a world without Nike, it wasn’t always like this. How did the company get here?

Need For Speed

Under Armour have become well known for our innovative use of fabric to improve sportswear, but we’ve taken innovation to a whole new level with the revolutionary design techniques we’ve applied to trainers. If most running shoe companies started in the shoe business and gravitated towards T-shirts and hoodies, Under Armour have taken the opposite

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